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Small Lucky Bag


Following in the Japanese New Year tradition of offering fukubukuro bags, or discounted mystery lucky bags, we are offering our annual limited edition customized Lucky Bags in three sizes.  

Our small Lucky Bag contains a minimum of seven products and has a minimum retail value of $50. Medium and large Lucky Bags are also available. All Lucky Bags ship within 14 business days.

Lucky Bags may include current collection polish in either size, previously retired or limited edition shades, over pours of exclusive polish featured in collaborations (such as Polish Pickup or Hella Handmade Creations,) unreleased polish or prototypes, mystery polish, as well as top and base coats, and cuticle, beard or hair oil in current or unreleased scents. Some bags will also include gift cards worth $5 to $30. (Each year over half of all Lucky Bags contain gift cards!) Each bag may contain more value and items than promised. Bags will contain different items and no two bags will be the same, even among Lucky Bags of the same size. 

We will make sure there are no duplicates if you order more than one bag. And, we'd love to customize your Lucky Bag to your preferences! (It's seriously our favorite thing we do all year!) Simply tell us about your polish loves in the order notes section, and we'll do our best to customize your Lucky Bag whilst stock allows. (Simply email us at with your name, order number and requests if you forget to include your preferences in the order notes section.) Note that we may not be able to fulfill very specific requests, such as a request that all polish is a particular color or finish. Not sure what you'd like or hoping for a variety? No problem, simply skip the order notes section. Here are a handful of requests from prior years in case you're not sure where to start:

"Would love glitter, flakies and holos. Prefer bright shades. I never wear dark colors."

"Love holos, anything blue and citrus-scented cuticle oil."

"Prefer pastel shades, glitter top coats, don't care for orange or purple polish and would love clear base coats."

"My favorite polish colors are green and purple, prefer creams, especially ones I can use for stamping. I don't like black or gray polish."

 You can also note any preferred duplicates with multiple bag purchases. (Such as preferring to receive as many top coats or red polishes as possible, even if there are duplicates.) 

Lucky Bags will only be available to purchase from January 7 through January 23. We anticipate having enough stock, but quantities are limited so the sale could end sooner if we've sold all available Lucky Bags. Coupon codes or other discounts are not valid on Lucky BagsLucky Bags will ship within 10-14 business days of the order date. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Aishah McTell

I absolutely loved my Small Lucky Bag!! Such a great value. I really liked that the owners asked for likes and dislikes to personalize the package, yet still provide an element of surprise. I was thrilled with the number of polishes I received and loved every single one of them. Will definitely purchase again when made available!!

Heather Pullou

I absolutely love my nail Polish!! I love how quick it dries, and all the colors are amazing!! I will deff but more polish in the future! Thank you!!

Chelsea Oaks

I absolutely loved my lucky bag. They picked out the perfect polishes from the description I gave of preferences. The colors are beautiful. A few colors take a couple coats to get a good solid color, but I love them all. They are gorgeous!

Amy W

This was my first experience with the lucky bag and it was terrific. I was so impressed that they were customized to your preferences. I have already worn three of the polishes.

Lucky Bag

Great bag! Loved all of it!

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