What Lucky Bags will be offered this year?

Small Bag: Our smallest bag costs $30 and contains at least seven items worth at least $50.

Medium Bag: This $50 bag includes a minimum of 14 items, with a retail value of at least $100.

Large Bag: Our $75 bag is packed with at least 20 items and has a minimum value of at least $160.


Did prices change for 2023?

Nope! The cost remains the same this year!


What do Lucky Bags contain?

Lucky Bags may include current collection polish in either size, previously retired or limited edition shades, over pours of exclusive polish featured in collaborations (such as Polish Pick Up or Hella Handmade Creations,) unreleased polish or prototypes, mystery polish, as well as top and base coats, and cuticle, beard or hair oil in current or unreleased scents. Some bags will also include gift cards worth $5 to $30. (Each year over half of all Lucky Bags contain gift cards!) Each bag may contain more value and items than promised. Bags will contain different items and no two bags will be the same, even among Lucky Bags of the same size. 


How do I get a Lucky Bag customized to my preferences?

Simply use the order notes section during check out to tell us about your favorite polish colors and finishes, cuticle oil scent preferences, or your favorite top and base coats. You can also tell us about colors or finishes you'd rather not receive. 

Here are a handful of requests from prior years in case you're not sure where to start: 

"Love holos, anything blue and citrus-scented cuticle oil."

"Prefer pastel shades, glitter top coats, don't care for orange or purple polish, and would love clear base coats."

"My favorite polish colors are green and purple, prefer creams, especially ones I can use for stamping. I don't like black or gray polish."


I forgot to include my preferences in the order notes or couldn't find the order notes section. Is it too late to customize my bag?

Absolutely not! Just send us an email at info@blackdahlialacquer.com with your name, order number, and your preferences. We'll make sure we match it up with your order.


What happens if I don't leave any comments on my Lucky Bag? Or I don't want to leave comments because I want it to be a surprise?

No problem! Simply skip the order notes section. We usually include a variety of products if there are no specific requests.


Can I request a specific polish? Or all green polish?

We're not able to fulfill requests for a specific polish. However, you can definitely point us in the right direction. For example, let us know you love white polishes with glitter, or that you've you'd love to receive HHC customs for past themes. Note that we may not be able to fulfill very specific requests, such as for polish of one particular color or finish.  


I want to order but I'm afraid I'll wind up with a lot of dupes since I already own an extensive collection of BDL polish. What do you suggest?

Yes, we can customize a bag for you! Note in the order notes that you'd like us to exclude our usual collection polish, and your bag will contain only limited edition collaboration box polish, unreleased prototypes, mystery polish and any other exclusives we have available. Once in a while we'll even surprise our loyal customers with a polish we're planning to release soon! You can also specify that you'd like us to exclude some or all special box collaboration polish such as Polish Pickup exclusives.


Can I request polish from box exclusives such as Polish Pickup?

Yes! We suggest ordering early if you are especially interested in receiving limited edition polish or cuticle oil featured in special boxes such as Polish Pickup, HHC, or Polished Gamer's Box as over pours are often limited.


Will I get duplicates if I order more than one bag?

We will make sure there are no duplicates if you order more than one bag.  You can also note any preferred duplicates with multiple bag purchases. (Such as preferring to receive as many top coats or red polishes as possible, even if there are duplicates.)


How long are Lucky Bags available?

Lucky Bags will be sold from April 4, 2023 through May 14, 2023.


Where can I purchase Lucky Bags?

Lucky Bags will only be offered for sale on our website. They will not be available through our Etsy or Amazon stores.


Can I use a coupon code on Lucky Bags or orders that contain Lucky Bags?

Promo codes can not be used on Lucky Bags or orders that contain Lucky Bags. Some coupon codes may be suppressed while our Lucky Bag sale is live. If you have a promo code you'd like to use on an order that does not contain a Lucky Bag, please note the coupon code in the order notes or in a follow-up email and we will process the promo and refund the cost difference. 


How much is shipping?

Domestic shipping prices will start at $8, and all US Lucky Bags will ship via USPS Priority Mail. US orders will arrive in two to three days. International shipping will start at $15 to Canada and $18 to all other international destinations. 

Most international orders will ship USPS First Class and should arrive in one to four weeks. Large international orders will ship via Priority Mail and should arrive in six to 10 days. 


The shipping price seems high for my location. Is that accurate? What happens if I'm overcharged for shipping?

Usually the calculated shipping price is correct, but every once in a while it's off more than we would like. This tends to happen most often for international orders, particularly when multiple bags are purchased. If your quoted shipping price seems unexpectedly high, feel free to send us an email at info@blackdahlialacquer.com with a list of the products you would like to order, your preferred shipping service and your shipping address, and we'll double check the shipping rate and make adjustments if needed.

We do view shipping rates charged as we pack and ship orders, and when we notice customers have been overcharged for shipping, we will refund excess shipping charges at the time of shipment. Don't hesitate to ask about shipping charges though! We wish we didn't have to pass on the high shipping charges, but doing so lets us keep shipping out bags with values at least twice the purchase price. (And often much higher value than that!)


I received a refund of a few dollars. Was my order canceled?

Nope! It means that we have refunded a portion of the shipping charges because the system calculated a shipping charge that was too high.


Does my Lucky Bag order include shipping insurance?

Both domestic and international orders shipped via Priority Mail include coverage for lost or misdirected packages. Please contact us (either before or after purchase) if you would like to add additional insurance for Priority Mail or to fully insure First Class international packages.


When will my Lucky Bag ship?

Lucky Bags may take up to 10 to 14 business days to process. We often ship them out more quickly, but use the extra processing time to customize each and every Lucky Bag. (That's our favorite part! We want you to love your bag!)


How long will it take to receive my order if I place an order that does not contain a Lucky Bag while the sale is ongoing?

All orders that do not contain Lucky Bags will be processed and shipped during our usual processing time. Most orders ship within two to three days.


When will my order ship if I place an order that contains a Lucky Bag and other items such as current collection polish?

Note that if you purchase additional items in an order that also contains a Lucky Bag, all items will ship in a single package. The entire order would ship within 10 to 14 business days. If you'd like to receive non-Lucky Bag items right away, we suggest placing a separate order. All orders that do not contain Lucky Bags will continue to ship during our usual processing time, usually within two to three business days.