Peel Off Base Coat

Instructions for use on natural nails: 

-Wipe nails with alcohol on a lint free cloth to remove any oils from the nail bed. 

-Apply an even coat of peel off base coat on the entire nail

-Wait for the base coat to dry completely before applying polish

-Apply your polish and top coat, as desired


-For best ‘peelies’ wait at least 24 hours before peeling. For a ‘peelie’ to come off in one solid piece the nail polish must be completely cured which takes approximately 24 hours. 


Instructions for use on artificial enhancements:

-Buff the entire nail with a fine buffing block (240 grit or higher)

-Follow with instructions for natural nails


If your brush becomes hard, you can remove it from the bottle and using a paper towel briefly massage the bristles. Brushes come with a protective coating that breaks down much faster in polish than it does in base or top coats.


If you have any questions or concerns please email and we will be happy to help.