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Scented Peel Off Base Coat | New in 8 Scents


Our Scented Peel Off Base Coat features our typical Peel Off Base formula with the addition of a scent of your choice. Our Peel Off Base Coat is scented with only therapeutic grade essential oils. We never use fragrance oil or fillers.

Note that some of our scented bases may have a slight white cast, and may not be crystal clear like our regular formula. A slight separation of the scented oil is also possible over time. Neither will affect the performance of our base coats. Extra large-sized mixing balls are included with our scented bases for easier mixing.
Peel Off Base Coat is a clear, latex-free base coat that makes polish removal easier than ever! Use one coat of peel off base coat, and then do your mani as usual. Simply peel off with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher when you're ready to remove your polish.


Application tips:

  1. Ensure you let your peel off base coat FULLY dry before applying nail polish. This can take up to 10 minutes.
  2. One thin even coat works best.
  3. If needed, you can lightly buff your nails before applying the base coat. This will help extend your manicure's wear time while still maintaining easy removal.
  4. If you have trouble achieving thin coats, try wiping the product off the bristles with a paper towel. Then try again with less product on the brush.

Removal tips:

  1. Oil your cuticles prior to removing your mani. This will help soften the polish and make peeling the polish off easier.
  2. If you want perfect ‘peelies’ we recommend waiting 12-24 hours before removing your mani. This gives your nail polish time to fully cure and makes removing polish in one piece much easier.

Customer Reviews

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Kalyn Bracamontes
Works great, smells delicious!

For the scented peel off base coats, I got coconut, watermelon, and peppermint. They all smell delightful! I only wish that I could smell them after applying other polish on top, but of course I knew before purchasing that I wouldn't be able to. I've been using other peel of base coats for years, and the ones that work best for me are Holo Taco Peely Base and UNT Ready For Takeoff - Black Dahlia's peel off base coats work just as well as both of these, for a fraction of the price, so I'm quite happy with them. I did take off one star for two reasons: one, the brushes are a bit stiff and most of them a bit wonky, so they are hard to work with, and I did swap out them out for another brush on the bottle I'm currently using and will continue to do so as I move on to other bottles; and two, because the dry time is noticeably longer than any other peel off base coat I've ever tried (possibly because the formula is thicker than the ones I normally use?). Neither of these things are deal breakers for me especially considering the price, but they are things to remember for me, as the dry time especially means I can't use them when I'm in a hurry.
Also just to note, if your peel off base coat (especially the scented ones) arrive cloudy or turn cloudy after sitting for a while, don't worry about it! They still work perfectly.

Scented peel off base aced it

The scented peel off base delivers a nice adhesion and then releases when you want it to. Great product.

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